To find upcoming dates and locations to be trained and certified in Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief, visit tndisasterrelief.org/events or email Kaye Thomas at thokaye17@aol.com

Churches have a long history of working together to respond to emergency needs. Through joint efforts, we are able to help rebuild communities. Recognizing the importance of restoration, we have a unique role of responding not only to the physical but spiritual needs of survivors. By being the feet and hands of Jesus, our volunteers are able to show God’s love and saving grace in a tangible way. 

Whenever and wherever disasters occur, the FBCS Disaster Relief volunteers offer aid by bringing help, healing and hope to those who are affected.Our team quickly mobilizes and is usually some of the first to arrive on the scene to offer assistance and also some of the last to leave. This vital mission is accomplished through disaster preparedness training well in advance of disaster events.

Rebuilding people’s lives and communities materially, emotionally, and spiritually sometime occurs over an extended period of time. The Disaster Relief Team is willing to serve in both short-term and longer-term efforts.

Workers, both skilled and unskilled, are needed to serve in this great ministry. If you are interested in becoming a part of this incredible team, call the Nolachucky Baptist Association at 423-586-7331.