Senior Adult Family and Friends Titanic Voyage

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Join us as we set sail aboard the Titanic on June 28. This promises to be a fascinating adventure. We will be treated to our own guided tour of the ship and a delicious buffet lunch in a beautifully decorated private room. Lunch will consist of chicken, filet mignon, green beans, white cheddar mashed potatoes, strawberry salad, and New York cheesecake. 

We will "meet" passenger John Harper. John was a Baptist preacher and was witnessed sharing the gospel with people even as the ship sank. He spent his last few hours on this earth telling others about how they could know Jesus. He was a true hero of the faith and of the Titanic.

Cost is $30 per person which includes lunch, drink, gratuity and museum ticket.
Please arrive at the museum at 10:30 AM. Our tour begins at 11:00 AM. Lunch will be served between 12:15–12:30 PM. If you want to go back through the ship after lunch, you are welcome to do so.
Sign up at the Welcome Center or with Dawn in the Church Office.  Deadline to sign up is June 20.