A Common Thread Quilting Ministry

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - Friday, November 10, 2017

The vision of this ministry is to make quilts to spread all over the world through various other ministries.  From making quilts for babies and new moms to making quilts for veterans and the elderly, the Quilting Ministry continues to provide a warm way of displaying God’s love. 

 Lori Mahaffey, the Director of the Quilting Ministry, leads a group of talented ladies to create quilts for those in need.  Quilts have been made for disaster recovery, children’s hospitals, veterans’ homes, crisis pregnancy centers, local nursing homes, overseas missionaries and many others.

A recent project for St. Jude Children’s Hospital involved over 70 quilts which were distributed to hurting children and their families during extremely difficult times in their lives.  Every quilt created by the Quilting Ministry was (and always will be) prayed over by FBCS leadership before they ever leave the quilting room. 

If you enjoy quilting, sewing or are just looking for a way to become involved, the Quilting Ministry is for you.  No experience is necessary to join this great ministry.  Come join the fun and get to know your fellow sisters in Christ.  This group meets every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 pm in the Good News Building.