Sunday School, 9:30 am

The greatest way to get plugged in to the life of First Baptist Church is to join a Sunday morning Bible Study Fellowship Group (Sunday School class). We have classes for all ages and stages of life. All classes meet at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays. Our groups come together to reach the world with the love of Jesus Christ, to teach God’s Word and to minister to one another’s needs. Check out one of our classes this Sunday. If you need help finding one, click here to download a campus map, or stop by our Welcome Center for assistance. If you'd like Bible Study Fellowship Group information for Preschool, Children’s, Youth, College, or Special Needs classes, click on the corresponding link in this sentence.


Singles II Norma Headrick, Ted Sprague E-227
Ladies  Hearts for Him, Karen Price A-105
Young Adult 20's Blue Smith 1st Floor, G Bldg

Co-Ed Greg Roberts B-210
Co-Ed Young Adults, Ben & April Mills GN-Bldg 1
Co-Ed Young Married, Jim Koerten B-207, B-209
Co-Ed Neal Smith, Kevin Loveday C-308
Co-Ed Newton Class C-304
Co-Ed Steve Brewer, Glenn Turner B-301
Co-Ed Charlie Ownby C-314
Co-Ed Kent Reed C-310
Co-Ed Geoff Hill C-305
Ladies Daughters of the King A-104
Ladies Vicky Byram A-305
Ladies Renee Kohagen A-202
Men Clark Byram A-302

Co-Ed Rich Wallace C-322
Co-Ed Roundtable A-203
Co-Ed Robert Alewine B-208
Co-Ed Glenn Bettis, New Horizon Discussion C-313
Co-Ed Dave Faulkner Parlor
Co-Ed Ron Click E-232
Co-Ed Doug Williams GN-Bldg 8
Co-Ed Gary Roach FLC

Co-Ed Chuck Sexton E-220
Men Joe Woods E-231
Ladies Gleaners/Ward E-229
Ladies Marie Temple E-224
Ladies Katie Blalock E-236
Men Johnny Ownby E-218
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