Age Divisions

Preschool Children are to be dropped off at their age appropriate class for Sunday School and Extended Session.  The Preschool Sunday School hour begins at 9:30 am each Sunday.  It is followed by Extended Session which begins at 10:45 am.  

Nursery; Room E-129
Caring for babies from birth to about  nine months, the nursery focuses on encouraging babies to experience Christ’s love through His nursery workers. Babies explore new sights and sounds and practice small and large muscle coordination.

Creepers; Room E-137
Promotion into creepers comes with increased mobility of the child.  Creepers crawl and eventually walk.  Space and opportunity for large and small muscle movement, discovery through play, and freedom to explore under loving conditions are provided for each child.  

Toddlers; Room E-142 
Children promote to the toddler room when they have mastered walking and are ready for advanced play.  Toddlers also focus on hand/eye coordination, following directions, beginning color, shape, number, and size recognition.  Potty training often begins in this room.  

**Promotion for classes of twos through kindergarten is based on the child’s class in school.  Often, parents decide to wait an extra year to begin their child in school.  If you are considering a delayed start to kindergarten, please consider this in the class placement of your child.** 

Two-Year Olds; Room E-107
Placement in the two-year-old room is for children who will be two years of age by September 30. Teaching focuses on Bible stories, color, number, size, and shape recognition, large and small muscle movement, exploration through play, and hand/eye coordination. Children learn to share and follow directions. Potty training is often mastered in this classroom.  

Three-Year-Olds; Room E-120
Placement in the three-year-old room is for children who will be three years of age by September 30. Teaching focuses on Bible stories, sharing and following directions. Children complete more advanced art projects of gluing, coloring and painting.  Mission Friends and Vacation Bible School are offered to three-year-old students. 

Four-Year-Olds; Room E-123
Placement in the four-year-old room is for children who will be four years of age by September 30 and will begin kindergarten next year. Teaching focuses on Bible stories and application, number and letter recognition, sharing, and following directions. Children create more advanced art projects of gluing, cutting with scissors, coloring, and painting. Mission Friends, Four-year-old Choir, and Vacation Bible School are offered to four year old students.

Five-Year-Olds; Room C-139
Placement in the five-year-old room is for children currently enrolled in kindergarten. Teaching focuses on Bible stories and application, counting and beginning reading skills, following directions, and sharing. Children use multiple mediums to create art. Mission Friends, Five-year-old Choir, Vacation Bible School, and Upward Basketball and Cheerleading are offered to five year old students.  *Five-year-olds do not have extended session.