Invitation Counselors

In Mark 4:1-20, Jesus shared a parable about the Sower.  In this parable, the seed is the Word of God.  Each Sunday, Pastor Dan “sows” into the hearts of those in attendance the Word the Lord has given him for that day.  Across the Sanctuary during that time, faithful followers of Christ are praying for that Word to take root, begin to grow and produce a harvest. 

At the conclusion of each sermon, a very important time is set aside. This is a time of opportunity for the individual and time for a great spiritual harvest for Christ’s church.  This has nothing to do with walking down an aisle and everything to do with faith in Christ.  This is the most important decision a person will ever make, one that will impact eternity.  During this special time, our Pastors are available to minister to those who come to make public the decisions they have made privately in their hearts. 

Once someone has briefly spoken with a minister, they are escorted by a Counselor to another room for additional help to make an informed decision about following Christ.  The Counselor’s role becomes vital at this point.  By meeting one-on-one in the privacy of a quiet room, the person is allowed to process their emotions, their sin, God’s forgiveness and Christ’s call on their lives.

Serving as a Counselor is both challenging and rewarding.  When dealing with those who are coming to accept Christ, the Counselors are privileged to present the plan of salvation and to ensure it is understood.  If someone wants to recommit their life to Jesus or desires a deeper walk with Him, the Counselor provides guidance and prayer.  For those joining our fellowship by letters from other churches, the Counselor is one of the first to welcome them into our congregation.  When dealing with someone who is confused about the Gospel, Counselors have the opportunity to answer any questions that might be hindering a decision.  In each situation, they are responsible for recording vital information to be given to the Church office.

Please be sure to thank all those who volunteer for this unique ministry.  As you see them taking their posts each Sunday, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them as they minister to a multitude of different circumstances.

If you would like to serve in this special area of ministry, please contact the church office.