Sermon Notes and Bulletins

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                   SERMON TITLE
2/18/18 PM When Messiah Comes - Part 1        (Sermon 5) Who is like our God?
2/18/18 AM Denied (Sermon 3) Friday 4.3.33
2/11/18 PM How to stay together when the world comes apart  (Steve Brewer)  
2/11/18 AM Tried (Sermon 2) Friday 4.3.33
2/4/18 PM Time-Sensitive Information (Sermon 4) Who is like our God?
2/4/18 AM Betrayed (Sermon 1) Friday 4.3.33
1/21/18 PM Someone switched the price tags (Sermon 3) Who is like our God?
1/21/18 AM Team Player (Sermon 3) #DreamTeam
1/14/18 PM Hush, Preacher! (Sermon 2) Who is like our God?
1/14/18 AM It makes the dream work (Sermon 2) #DreamTeam
1/7/18 PM First the Bad News (Sermon 1) Who is like our God?
1/7/18 AM We've got Spirit, yes we do! (Sermon 1) #DreamTeam
12/31/17 AM Essentials for '18 (Sermon 23) The Lamp
12/24/17 AM Nativity  
12/17/17 AM Listen to the Lyrics (Sermon 7 - Craig Mintz) Heart for the Nations
12/10/17 AM Ambassadors for Christ (Sermon 6 -  Craig Mintz) Heart for the Nations
12/3/17 AM Everyone, Everywhere (Sermon 5 -      Craig Mintz) Heart for the Nations
11/26/17 PM Fan or Follower? (Zach Hayes)  
11/26/17 AM Go, Tell It on the Mountains (Sermon 4 - Craig Mintz) Heart for the Nations
11/19/17 PM The Word of God: A Valuation     (Sermon 22) The Lamp
11/19/17 AM Salvation for Every Nation (Sermon 3) Heart for the Nations
11/12/17 PM Fear Not: Facing Your Fears with Faith (Jerry Hyder)  
11/12/17 AM All Peoples of the Earth (Sermon 2) Heart for the Nations
11/5/17 PM Let's Review (Sermon 21) The Lamp
11/5/17 AM Blessed to be a Blessing (Sermon 1) Heart for the Nations
10/29/17 PM Beyond Compare (Steve Brewer)  
10/29/17 AM The Life of Saul/Paul (Scott Carter) (extra)ordinary
10/22/17 PM I Cry Out to You (Sermon 20) The Lamp
10/22/17 AM Miss Independent (Sermon 7) (extra)ordinary
10/15/17 PM It's Righteous, Brothers (Sermon 19) The Lamp
10/15/17 AM The Kid from Lystra (Sermon 6) (extra)ordinary
10/8/17 AM Crazy Mary (Sermon 5) (extra)ordinary
10/1/17 PM Longing for You (Sermon 18) The Lamp
10/1/17 AM Country Boy (Sermon 4) (extra)ordinary
9/24/17 PM Deacon Ordination  
9/24/17 AM Sister, this could be you (Sermon 3) (extra)ordinary
9/17/17 PM I Still Believe (Sermon 17) The Lamp
9/17/17 AM Runt Commander (Sermon 2) (extra)ordinary
9/10/17 PM Keys to Confident Faith (Jerry Hyder)  
9/10/17 AM God's Craftsman (Sermon 1) (extra)ordinary
9/3/17 AM The Great Pursuit (Scott Carter)  
8/27/17 PM Without Him (Sermon 16) The Lamp
8/27/17 AM Great Grace  
8/20/17 PM Prepare to Prayerwalk (Craig Mintz)  
8/20/17 AM Week of Prayer  
8/13/17 AM Come, Lord Jesus! (Sermon 7) Essential Prayers
8/6/17 AM Give me wisdom (Sermon 6) Essential Prayers
7//30/17 AM Your will be done (Sermon 5) Essential Prayers
7/23/17 PM Keep The Light On (Sermon 15) The Lamp
7/23/17 AM Revive us (Sermon 4) Essential Prayers
7/16/17 PM Let Me Count the Ways (Sermon 14) The Lamp
7/16/17 AM I don't understand, but I trust You (Sermon 3) Essential Prayers
7/9/17 PM It's Settled (And It Settles Me)       (Sermon 13) The Lamp
7/9/17 AM I don't know what to do (Sermon 2) Essential Prayers
7/2/17 AM I am not able (Sermon 1) Essential Prayers
6/25/17 AM Side by Side (Sermon 7) Fixer Upper
6/18/17 AM This is Us (Sermon 6) Fixer Upper
6/11/17 AM Is there Grace at Your Place? (Sermon 5) Fixer Upper
6/4/17 PM A Fight to the Finish (Steve Brewer)  
6/4/17 AM Restoring the Joy in Your Life (Jerry Hyder)  
5/28/2017 AM Hope for Families in Crisis (Sermon 4) Fixer Upper
5/28/2017 PM Help Me! (Sermon 12) The Lamp
5/21/17 AM The Better Way (Sermon 3) Fixer Upper
5/14/17 AM A Tale of Two Parents (Sermon 2) Fixer Upper
5/7/17 PM The Maker's Instructions (Sermon 11) The Lamp
5/7/17 AM World's Greatest Dad (Sermon 1) Fixer Upper
4/30/17 PM God is So Good (Sermon 10) The Lamp
4/30/17 AM I'm Struggling With People Who Let Me Down (Sermon 6) The Struggle is Real
4/23/17 PM What a Difference You've made in My Life (Sermon 9) The Lamp
4/23/17 AM I'm Struggling with Discouragement (Sermon 5) The Struggle is Real
4/16/17 PM Silent Lord's Supper  
4/16/17 AM Examining Easter  
4/2/17 PM This I Know (Sermon 8) The Lamp 
4/2/17 AM I'm Struggling with Feeling Close to God (Sermon 4) The Struggle is Real
3/26/17 PM A Bevy of Benefits (Sermon 7) The Lamp
3/26/17 AM I'm Struggling with Doubt (Sermon 3) The Struggle is Real
3/19/17 PM Steps of Discipleship (Sermon 6) The Lamp
3/19/17 AM I'm Struggling with Depression   (Sermon 2) The Struggle is Real
3/12/17 PM The Lord's Supper  
3/12/17 AM Raising Up Committed Kids (Dr. Steve Parr)  
3/5/17 PM Revived by the Word (Sermon 5) The Lamp
3/5/17 AM I'm Struggling to Get Past My Past (Sermon 1) The Struggle is Real
2/26/17 PM Open Our Eyes, Lord (Sermon 4) The Lamp
2/26/17 AM Alpha and Omega (Sermon 7) He is Jesus
2/26/17 AM Alpha and Omega - Jesus A-Z List  
2/19/17 AM He Emptied Himself (Sermon 6) He is Jesus
2/12/17 AM The Door (Sermon 5) He is Jesus
2/5/17 PM God's (Conditionally) Effective Word (Sermon 3) The Lamp
2/5/17 AM Man of Sorrows (Sermon 4) He is Jesus
1/29/17 PM Walk This Way (Sermon 2) The Lamp
1/29/17 AM Forsaken One (Sermon 3) He is Jesus
1/22/17   PM God's Alphabet Song Sermon 1  The Lamp
AM Jesus, King of kings (Sermon 2) He is Jesus
PM Writing on the Wall (Chris Kendall)  
AM The Incredible Local Church (Scott Carter)  
AM From the Foundation of the World (Sermon 1) He is Jesus
AM Honoring God in 2017