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How To Participate

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• Memorize Luke 11:9-10.

• Stop at 11:09 am each day to pray for 1) the daily request, 2) a lost person, and 3) your big request.

• Daily Prayer Requests are posted below. The Daily Prayer Request will also be posted on the FBC's Facebook page, and the church Twitter feed. Hard copies are also available at the Welcome Center.

• Participate in the church-wide day of prayer and fasting on October 5. We will break the fast together with a Lord’s Supper service at 5:00 pm followed by a light meal in the Family Life Center.

• Join a 7-week Bible study on prayer called “The Power of Prayer” with Equipping Pastor Craig Mintz from 5:30 - 6:30 pm on Wednesdays beginning October 1.

• Prayerwalk or Prayerdrive your neighborhood or street.

• Join Pastor Dan Spencer for powerful, concentrated times of prayer on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm in the Chapel.

• Join your Sunday School class for a day of prayer. More details in your class.

• Commit to a weekly assignment in our Prayer Room. Details will be available near the Welcome Center on Sunday, October 5.

I will pray daily for: Lost person, Big request, Daily prayer request...

Daily Prayer Requests

Instructions: Stop at 11:09 a.m. each day and pray for a lost person in your life, a big personal prayer request, and then the First Baptist prayer request for the day listed below.

Day 1, September 1:  Pray for God to reveal any sin in your life and spend time confessing and repenting. 

Day 2, September 2:  Pray for personal, church and national revival. Pray that your heart first would return to treasuring Christ above all things.

Day 3, September 3:  Pray for gospel sharing opportunities where you spend most of your time – work, school, home.

Day 4, September 4:  Pray for Pastor Dan to have wisdom and power as he prepares weekly to preach God’s Word.

Day 5, September 5: Pray for your Sunday School teacher to have wisdom and grace as they lead and prepare to teach.

Day 6, September 6:  Pray for effective, powerful witness as our church visits door to door in our community.

Day 7, September 7:  Pray for Christian school teachers and administrators to be Christ to one another and the children.

Day 8, September 8:  Pray for our church’s 5-5-5 Country Partnership with the city of Cleveland, Ohio, that we would be effective in helping start a new church there.

Day 9, September 9:  Pray for our church’s 5-5-5 Country Partnership with the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, that we would be effective in helping start a new church there.

Day 10, September 10:  Pray for our church’s 5-5-5 Continents Partnership with the Mien people group of Northern Thailand that we would be effective in helping start new churches there.

Day 11, September 11:  Pray for our church’s 5-5-5 Continents Partnership with gospel work in Panama, that we would be effective in helping start new churches alongside national pastors there.

Day 12, September 12:  Pray for healthy marriages in our church to be strengthened and troubled marriages rescued.

Day 13, September 13:  Pray for Brother Royce Bailey and our children’s ministry to be effective in making disciples of the next generation.

Day 14, September 14:  Pray that our church would be a powerful James 1:27 kind of church ministering to the powerless and vulnerable.

Day 15, September 15:  Pray for Brother Scott Carter and our student ministry to be effective in making disciples of our middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Day 16, September 16:  Pray for students to be salt and light in their extra-curricular activities like sports or band.

Day 17, September 17:  Pray for Brother Jared Ownby and our college and young adult ministry to be effective in making disciples of college students and young working adults.

Day 18, September 18:  Pray for college students to grow stronger in wisdom and faith as their faith is challenged by professors and fellow students.

Day 19, September 19:  Pray for Brother Steve Brewer to be effective in equipping our church to make disciples through Sunday School and small groups.

Day 20, September 20:  Pray that each First Baptist member would walk away from Sunday School and worship services this Sunday eager to obey God’s Word as they’ve heard it preached and taught.

Day 21, September 21:  Pray for Brother Craig Mintz to be effective in equipping our church to be an Acts 1:8 church (reaching Sevierville and the ends of the earth) and a church of prayer.

Day 22, September 22:  Pray that the Lord would raise up workers for the harvest from our church to reach our community, our country and the continents.

Day 23, September 23:  Pray for Brother Jerry Hyder and our senior adult ministry to be effective in equipping our church to disciple senior adults.

Day 24, September 24:  Pray for healing for someone you know today who is struggling with physical or mental illness.

Day 25, September 25:  Pray for Brother Clark Byram and our administrative personnel to be wise and effective in stewarding our church’s resources for the glory of God.

Day 26, September 26:  Pray that each member of FBC would become cheerful, faithful, and generous givers for the sake of Christ and His gospel.

Day 27, September 27:  Pray for Brother Scott Andrews to be effective in leading our church family to truly worship and exalt the Lord.

Day 28, September 28:  Pray that during worship services, every person present would be captured and overwhelmed by the holy majesty of God and that they would respond in genuine worship.

Day 29, September 29:  Pray for Pastor Dan Spencer to have wisdom in leading our church to be a Christ-exalting body that is effective in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Day 30, September 30:  Pray for our church to effective fulfill our 5-5-5 missions strategy over the next 5 years.

Day 31, October 1:  Pray for the Lord to give you wisdom about who you should serve for the Love Loud Family Edition emphasis coming up October 19-25.

Day 32, October 2:  Pray for unity for our church like Jesus prayed for in John 17.

Day 33, October 3:  Pray for local, state and national leaders to make godly and wise decisions that would honor the name of Christ Jesus.

Day 34, October 4:  Pray that our church would be effective in ministering to the poor. (Galatians 2:10)

Day 35, October 5:  Pray that our church would be known as a people of great faith. (1 Thessalonians 1:8)

Day 36, October 6:  Pray that our church would be known for its love. (John 13:35)

Day 37, October 7:  Pray for sexual purity in every individual and household that makes up our church. (Hebrews 13:4)

Day 38, October 8:  Pray for yourself and our church to become a people who pray at all times.

Day 39, October 9:  Pray for all our church’s major events through the end of the year to be effective in proclaiming the gospel – Judgement House, Fall Festival, Singing Christmas Tree, Christmas Store.

Day 40, October 10:  Pray that God would make you a wiser and bolder witness for Him in the coming year.