Download the entire RE:NEW journal here!

In 2014, we made a 75-day journey together that is resulting in a stronger church and a new vision for our mission.  Our focus was reviewing and renewing the convictions and commitments of our membership.  You will find the schedule we used below. If you were not able to participate with us in this journey, as your pastor I encourage you to take this journey for yourself.
RENEW book thumbnailBe sure to download the journal by using the link above. This journal will serve as your guide for RE:NEW.  It contains information for a daily time with God in the Bible and prayer.  I encourage you to read the passage of Scripture for each day, praying that God will open your eyes to see what He has for you there.  Answer the two questions about how you might apply the truth to your life, and then use the “Prayer Point” to guide your prayer time.  This time doesn’t have to be long.  The point is to give your undivided attention to God every day for 75 days as you seek real renewal for yourself and your church.
Will you make a commitment to join our journey, spending time with God every single day?
Just imagine what can happen if you will give your time to the Lord – making new commitments and growing in grace!

Ready... Set... Let’s Go!
Dan Spencer, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sevierville, Tennessee