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Chapters are not presented chronologically, but are organized by book. Old and New Testament passages alternate, providing a variety of genre, authorship, and perspective. A daily blog (see link above) is also available to offer some helpful questions, observations, and tips for personal application each day.


Personal application of Bible truth should be the primary goal of Bible reading. Use the 11 questions of the APPLICATION acrostic (created by Pastor Rick Warren), to guide you to how each chapter applies to your life:

    ATTITUDE… Is there an Attitude to adjust?
    PROMISE… Is there a Promise to claim?
    PRIORITY… Is there a Priority to change?
    LESSON… Is there a Lesson to learn?
    ISSUE… Is there an Issue to resolve?
    COMMAND… Is there a Command to obey?
    ACTIVITY… Is there an Activity to avoid or stop?
    TRUTH… Is there a Truth to believe?
    IDOL… Is there an Idol to tear down?
    OFFENSE… Is there an Offense to forgive?
    NEW DIRECTION… Is there a New Direction to take?
    SIN… Is there a Sin to confess?

As you move toward application of what you read (that life-changing truth which will bring about change in your life), remember that a good application is:

PERSONAL… This application of truth applies to you, not someone else.
PRACTICAL… This is not just a theory or idea, but something on which you can take action.
MEASURABLE… You should be able to measure the results of how you act on the truth God teaches you.